Jumat, 28 September 2012

Kelas Durian Crepe 7 October

BERITA BAIK! KELAS DURIAN CREPE & VANILLA MILE CREPE akan di adakan pada 7 October ini.

Jom belajar cara membuat durian crepe & Vanilla crepe yang semakin popular
- belajar membuat 2 jenis crepe yang berbeza
- cara membuat crepe menggunakan 5 jenis tepung
- membuat vanila cream yang enak

Kelas demo/  semi hands on
Date : 7 October 2012 (Ahad)
Time : 9.00am –1.00pm
Fees : RM140 per person
Deposit : RM50

Location : Parit Hj Noor, Broleh (berdekatan BP Mall/ Maktab Perguruan Batu Pahat)
 *makanan ringan disediakan

Untuk booking tempat, sila hubungi  013-3692804 @ email ke lovelycakes1@gmail.com
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Kamis, 27 September 2012

Ballerina Bear Cake

This is a small cake, I made it for a little girl's First Birthday party. The theme was ballet and her mom wanted a little teddy bear wearing a pink tutu. The "girl"bear is handmade with chocolate fondant, I used a small balloon cookie cutter to make the little balloons she is holding.
Mom sent me the nicest email after the party, they all love it!

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Rabu, 26 September 2012

Blue's Clues Cupcake Toppers

I make a lot of cake.
And sometimes I actually have a really good reason for it...
like my little guy's birthday.

He just happens to be the cutest boy on the planet,
and he is currently obsessed with Blue's Clues.

So, I made these Blue's Clues Cupcake Toppers for his birthday cupcakes.

Would you like to make some?
Print the template below. Tape your template to a cookie sheet and tape wax paper over it.

Source: Nick Jr.
 Melt some blue candy wafers on 50% power, stirring every 30 seconds until smooth.
Spoon the melted candy into a decorator bag fitted with a small round tip (Wilton #5),
or a ziploc bag with the corner snipped off.
Pipe the outline of each head, then fill it in.
Melt some pink candy melts and make the tongues.
(I forgot to do this until the end. Don't be like me!)

Place your cookie sheet in the refrigerator until the candy has hardened.
 Slowly and carefully peel the heads off the wax paper and turn them over.
Melt some more blue candy melts and add food coloring to make them a darker blue.
Pipe on Blue's nose and spots.
Melt a few white candy melts and pipe on Blue's eyes,
adding pupils with the darker blue color. 

Place each topper on a cupcake, and you are ready for a Blue's Clues party!
Helpful Hint: DO NOT serve these cupcakes outside during the summer.
I took mine outside in the Florida heat to take photos, and they got too warm...
then the ears fell off! Keep them cool, and you have nothing to worry about.

 See, I told you he was the cutest. :0)


 I share my recipes & tutorials at these fun link parties.
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Senin, 24 September 2012


Jom dapatkan cupcakes dgn harga diskaun dan anda bole membeli dalam kuantiti yang sedikit :

6pcs  per box= RM25.00
8pcs  per box= RM33.00
16pcs per box = RM60.00

Flavor :
a. Chocolate ganache frosting + cadbury chocolate on top
b. Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

OR COMBO PACK – combine 2 flavors per box

Pickup date : 28 September – 1 October 2012
Location for pickup : Parit Hj Noor, Broleh (near BP Mall / Maktab Perguruan Batu Pahat)

Untuk tempahan, sila call/ sms 013-3692804 @ email ke lovelycakes1@gmail.com

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Wedding Cake

2 Tiers Wedding Cake
Pandan Kastard Cake (top) + Chocolate Cake (bottom)
Deco with gumpaste flower & butterflies
Blue + Cream Theme

Thanks rafiza dari Taman Soga untuk tempahan kek kahwin ni :)

Homemade Icecream

 Homemade Icecream
8 pack -assorted flavor

Sempena open house hari raya yang lalu, kak ida naim order 8 bekas aiskrim untuk makan2. Thanks ya atas repeat order. 

Untuk tempahan, hubungi 013-3692804 | lovelycakes1@gmail.com
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Doorgift Cupcakes
2 cupcakes per pack (300 set)
Chocolate + Pandan Flavor with buttercream frosting

Tempahan dari Syafiq, KL untuk pembukaan kedai astro di shopping complex BP Mall. Thanks ya
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2 Tiers Wedding Cake

2 Tiers Wedding Cake
7in (top) + 10in (bottom)
Chocolate flavor with buttercream frosting
Black + Grey + White theme

Nadhirah dari Tongkang Pechah order kek perkahwinan 2 tingkat untuk majlisnya dengan tema hitam putih.  Mudah berurusan dengan nadhirah ni, terima kasih atas tempahan wedding cake & hantaran :)
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Slimy Green Ghost Cookies-20+Ways to use a Pumpkin Cutter

I am super excited to be part of this awesome project that Callye  put together. Even more excited because I get to know more talented bloggers and learn from all of them.

See, when I get this type of invitation I usually reply with a
"Hi, I just got this email from you. Did you really mean to sent it? If not, is ok, just let me know."
Then, I would cross my fingers, legs and even toes waiting for the reply.

Any way, what about 20 + ways to use a pumpkin cutter? When you scroll down and see the amazing creations and yummy treats these talented bakers and decorators did, you will see the a pumpkin cutter is really not mean just for pumpkin cookies.

Let's see how I made my Slimy Green Ghost Cookie ( this cutter is kind of big and it came in a Wilton Halloween kit.) 

Once upon a time, I said/thought that using a Kopykake was/is cheating. Well, that is until I got my beloved Marco ( aka KK), I am proud to say that I put it together all by myself, which for me, is quite the accomplishment. And what can I say? I have a new love, I feel like in a honeymoon since I got it, and I wish I had the time and type of projects where I can use it as often as possible.
But just because you have a Kopykake don't think your cookies are going to be decorated on it's own.

 I decided, since this was my first time using the KK, to use a black edible marker and traced the cookie first.

Then, I use a tip #1 and stiff icing to outline the cookie. I let it dry for a few hours.

I flooded the inside of the ghost with green royal icing.

Then, I added the brown for the inside of the mouth. I let the cookie dry overnight.

I brushed the not decorated part of the cookie with a little piping gel and added sanding sugar.

I used white fondant to make the teeth and eyes. For the tongue I used pink fondant and one of my gumpaste tools to make the middle indentation.
And that's it, my Slimy Green Ghost was done.

Now, just look at all the cookie designs and baking goods you can make using a pumpkin cutter.

Here is the list of all the talented bloggers who where part of this project,
stop by their blogs and check them out!.

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Minggu, 23 September 2012

How to make a Halloween Witch Cupcake

I love Halloween.  Every year around this time my husband and I have a little game we like to play... who can play the scariest prank on the other.  My last year's attempt of hanging a fake mummified body in the garage to greet him made him laugh.  This year I've already tried fake spiders and rats on his desk to which he snubbed.  Dear husband of mine, this is your warning.  I WILL get you this year.

In the meantime, here is my newest tutorial.  How to make a witch cupcake.  Enjoy!

1.  Begin making the witch's face by rolling a cone shape of flesh colored fondant.  Give her a pointy chin by pinching the end of the cone.

2.  Mold a pointy nose and wart, and glue onto the face with gum glue.

3.  Use the end of a paintbrush to create the mouth and eye holes.

4.  Roll two small black balls of fondant and glue into the eye holes.

5.  Use a grass tip and piping bag filled with purple buttercream to create the witch's hair.

6.  Place the witch's head onto the cupcake.

7.  Add more buttercream hair as needed.

8.  Cut out a half circle of fondant and hand model the top of the witch's hat.

9.  Place hat onto her head and glue the gold dragee into place using gum glue.

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